Long Husky tours

All these dogsledding tours start from Särnaheden. Groups, families, sportive or non-sportive, everyone can find a long Husky tour or an expedition which fits.

No prior experience of dog sledding is necessary, just the desire to try an exciting sport. Though, you need to be able to stand up, to brake and to step.


day dogsled husky tour day dogsled tour

Our guide always goes in front, leading the tour, and you will follow her with your team of 5 dogs. The children under 13 years old are sat in the sled.

Before each activity, explanations on how to drive a sled will be given to the participants. All our dogs are sociable and keen to run.

You can choose among our several long activities and become a Musher for some days!

raid husky trip >HALF DAY or FULL DAY Husky tour

After an introduction time with your dogs and the equipment, listen to the instructions on how to drive a sled before you leave with the Musher guide for the dogsledding day.
Approx. distances for a half day trip: 20km, and for a day trip 35 km.

For the day dogsledding trip, we stop for lunch either around a fire camp either in a wooden shelter.
For the half day dogsledding trip, we finish the tour with a warm Glögg and cinnamon buns at our base camp


> TWO-FOUR DAYS Husky Expedition

raid husky tripAfter an introduction time where you will learn how to drive your sled, we set off for several days. We take everything we need in the sleds (food, equipment...).

During the expedition, you are responsible to feed your dogs, harness them and cuddle them after the journey! Our Musher guide is there to give you the necessary informations.

Everyday we drive 25-40km, we stop on the track to make lunch and check on the dogs. raid husky trip

At the evening, we settle the dogs for the night and feed them. Then, we can take a good and warm dinner made with local food.



Scandinavian week: combined activities

husky tour and scooter

In Idre surrounding, we arrange your stay with lots of activities and an accommodation in a traditional mountain hotel.

An exciting week in winter wonderland for amazing activities: dogsledding, snowmobile, ice fishing, alpine and cross skiing, winter sauna. If you are lucky enough, you will see northern lights !

elk moose safarisnow shoes raquetteHere is an example of a Scandinavian week: ice fishing sweden

  • 2 days dogsledding
  • 1 day snow shoes
  • 1 day with the Saame
  • 1 day Snow Scooter and ice fishing
  • 1 day off (shopping, relaxing,...)


Professional Mushers

training camp for professional mushers

Come and train your team for long distance or sprint races. We are surrounded by several famous dogsled competitions places (Femund, Drevsjo, Särna, Nornäs...)

You can stay overnight in a small comfortable and fully-equipped individual cottage. You are completely independent and with the training run right behind the cabin, you can train over several kilometres or for several days.

Possibility of ordering straw and food for your dogs: dry food, meat, fish (orders must be placed in advance).