Notre Livre d'Or

Merci à tous de nous avoir écrit, et merci pour votre soutien. Notre plus grande récompense est de voir le sourire de nos clients à leur retour de leur Husky Tour!


> Family Brinkman, Netherlands

Hello Anne,
Here I send you two pictures with were taken on the 31 of July.
On the pictures are you and our daughter Lisa.
We still think with pleasure on the trip with your dogs.
Greetings from the Netherlands,
Herman, Karin, Lisa and Henk Brinkman


> Family Hulsberg, Netherlands

Hello Anne,
We have had 2 weeks ago a 2h footbike tour with you at Idre. It was a great succes.
But we forget the name of the husky from my husband. In the attachement there is a picture from the dog and 1 picture for yourself. Please can you send me the name of the dog by mail. Thank you.
Rob, Gonnie, Eline and Danique Sieben Hulsberg


> Annika & friends, Sweden

Hello Anne,
Thank you again for the great day.
Best regards,


> Kara van woerkens, Belgium

Hello there !
I wanted to send you a lettre to you, Anne-Laure, so I just send it to this adress and than hoping that you will read it !
I really really really had a good time in Norway and I have to say that I miss you a little bit especially your smile you asked us to send you a lettre with good points and the bad points of the three days.
When we were saying goodbye, I felt that I was going to cry and when I was like 1 second in the car, I was crying and crying and crying ... I always cry when I had a good time with wonderful people, so that's a VERY good point for you !!!
Actually, I don't have any bad things to say about the trip.
I found the food good (and that is a big thing on his own, because I don't like a lot of food)
Something that I didn't like was that I became ill, 'always something with me' I thought. So thanks again for taking care of me !
I hope to receive soon a lettre from you !
Kara van woerkens
x x


> Family Baarn, Holland

Hello Anne,
We have been on monday July 19 in Idrefjšll.
We still think the Husky tour was one of the best things of the holiday. Some friends of ours are on their way to Sweden now and we have told them all about the husky tour en they maybe also want to book the husky-walk.
Greetings Hans, Tineke, Dagmar (the girl who was affraid of dogs, but not anymore thanks to you), and Kyra (the little one who was very fond of Foster)
from Baarn, Holland


> Family Vermeer, Holland

Hi Ann,
How are you? We are back after a fantastic vacation.
We promised we should sent you the pictures of us with the dogs.
We thank you again for the beautiful ride. Do you want to hugg the dogs for us?
Greetings from Holland, with love for the dogs.
Wim, Zita, Ruben en Melvin


> Erik Genot, France. Raid 2 days

on a été très satisfait, et ces deux journées ne quittent pas notre esprit!
Les chiens étaient super, le musher également, les paysages magnifiques, et le gros point positif, c'est que ce raid a été très personnel.
C'était pas du tout un raid impersonnel ou l'on avait l'impression d'Ítre des clients parmis d'autres. On discutait ensemble de ce que nous pouvions faire, et on avait presque l'impression d'être avec un ami.
Notre guide a aussi pris le temps de me montrer certaines choses sur les chiens, nous a fait participer à la mise en place de l'attelage etc... Ce qui fut pour moi un grand bonheur.