Activities in Summer (from May until September)

Snow has melted and our sled dogs are still eager to get out and take you to the wilderness that you can discover through our summer activities! Here you discover our Summer Husky Tours*.

Husky Footbike Husky walk

Summer is dry with temperatures nearing 25 degrees, and you can enjoyed 24 hours of a summer day, as sun only sets for a few hours. This is called the "midnight sun" !

There is no best way to discover the nature than sharing your journey with a Husky dog!

In Sweden, we start the activities from Idre Fjall mountain and from Sarnaheden village.
During our Husky tour, you will be surrounded by an amazing nature: mountains, a countless lakes and pine forests. Here we can meet reindeer, elks, a large variety of birds and see bears footprints.

Husky Footbike summer

Husky Footbike : it's an original activity between a bike and a spark. You will be pulled by one or two dogs which will speed you ahead. We discover the scandinavian forests and lakes on nature trails. From 1m40
(Duration: 1hour, 2hours, half-day, day tour)

summer Husky walk

Husky Hike : you are tied to a Husky with a longe to your belt. During the Husky Hike you will learn about polar dogs and their behavior. Discover the mountain and wilderness with man's best friend.
(Duration: 1hour, 2hours, half-day, day tour)

Scandinavian week package :

In partnership with professional guides, we organise a summer week holiday. An exciting week in a nature wonderland for amazing activities :

hiking trailsHike : The nature here is unique. Discover it while walking, following the forest trails amongst lakes or in the hills on your own or with a guide. There are several National Parks and Nature Reserve in Sweden and in Norway.
You can also join a safari to catch pictures of elks and beevers in their natural habitat.

summer fishing
Fishing : Come and fish in our countless lakes and rivers, accompanied by experienced guide happy to show you the tricks of the numerous fishing techniques, like fly fishing.

kayac and canoeCanoe and Kayak :
Traditional canoeing on the lake or along the rivers with experienced guides or on your own.Initiation provided.
You can rent you canoe for half-day or for several days and enjoy your trip following the map that we give you.

horse ridingHorse ridding : It's a beautiful way to discover nature ridding on a horse.
You can book a short ridding tour for 1 hour up to half-day.
You will have the option to sleep outdoor, leaving for a 2 or 3 day horse trip.

Accommodation: We work in partnership with several Campings and mountain hotels to offer you the best traditional accommodation. From 80Eur/night.

* Participants have to be able to stand, to walk and to step to enjoy our Summer activities.

Access : fly to Oslo on one of the numerous flights ongoing (Air France, Easyjet, Norwegian, Ryanair...). The Oslo Gadermoen airport is closer to our camp site and with easy and frequent bus journeys (approx. 4hr journey). The bus will stop you at your accommodation place. From London, Geneva or Paris, flight from 40 Eur TTC !
(Advice: car hire from Idre also available).

Contact us by email or phone, we will be happy to help you tailor your stay according ot your budget, interests and needs (flight booking, activities, accommodation, car hire...). Tailored quote available on request.

Book now for a summer holiday!